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 Around ulxmlrpcpp 
What is ulxmlrpcpp
How to use this library
  Basic Variable Types
  A simple RPC-Server
  The RPC client
  Parallel processing
  Processing html
  Binary XML
  Basic Security
  SSL/TLS support
  Proxy Support
The Handbook
The API Reference
Known problems
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Project summary
 Mailing lists
 Reporting bugs
XML-RPC Homepage
WAP Binary XML
The Sourceforge Team
The GNU developers


Maybe not too meaningful for such a library but probably interesting anyway to demonstrate some of the possibilities.

Two screenshots from the example http server.

First a page with some form elements generated with the helper classes. Please note the japanese characters which were submitted with the previous page and now appear correctly below the according input fields. For this to work you need to turn on unicode support. All data is then transmitted in UTF-8 encoding.
form elements

The second page lists all available methods from the running rpc server. It lists some general information and invocation count. Additionally it is possible to enable or disable each of these methods with the browser.
rpc list

The next example shows a transaction log when a client transfered some http data and performed some calls via squid (a http proxy).
http transaction log

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